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2012-08-10 10:00 am

X-Men Reverse Bang Art

A Helping Hand
click to embiggen. also on my tumblr Posting without the story since my author seems to be MIA. :(
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2011-11-29 10:22 am
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Writer's Block: Frozen delights

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Pralines and Cream, from Baskin Robbins.
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2011-11-22 12:30 pm
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Writer's Block: Occupy Wall-et

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None. As far as I'm concerned, if I don't have the cash on hand to pay for it now, I DON'T NEED IT.
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2011-11-16 06:43 pm
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Writer's Block: American Censorship Day!

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NO! This is a terrible idea. It's one thing to punish people who pirate movies and TV shows, but it's a whole nother thing to punish someone for videotaping themselves singing a song and then post it on YouTube for people to enjoy. Or punishing someone for posting some song lyrics they like as their FaceBook status. Or posting a picture of a celebrity they like on Tumblr. It's not right to punish people who are obviously making no money off of something. It's just not right. And that bill is so vague that if it passes, that could happen. There'd be no more Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Live Journal, or even message boards.

We need to keep free speech FREE!
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2011-10-28 06:35 pm

The Story of Us (An X-Men First Class Fanmix)

Title: The Story of Us (An X-Men First Class Fanmix)
Author: [ profile] galidor
Rating: pg
Characters: Charles Xavier/Erik Lensherr
Summary: A compilation of songs from various genres as well as a graphic to accompany each track.
Disclaimer: Some tracks may have semi adult language so be warned.

x-posted to: [ profile] erik_charles, [ profile] oldfriends

The Story of Us (An X-Men First Class Fanmix) )
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2011-09-28 10:51 pm
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Writer's Block: Internet addictions

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everyday I'm tumblin'.
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2011-08-10 10:37 am

I know your face [fanfic drabbles]

Title: I Know Your Face
Author: galidor
Fandom: X-men First Class
Characters: Erik/Charles (implied Quintus/The kid from Centurion, Edward Rochester/Tom Lefroy, Archie Hicox/Robbie Turner or Archie Hicox/James W. Miller)
Rating: pg
Summary: Four very short snapshots of when they met in the past up till now. Erik's POV.

I Know Your Face )
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2011-08-04 08:19 pm

Erik/Charles fanvideos

I made two Erik/Charles videos.

Title: If I knew Then
Vidder: galidor
Footage: X-Men 1st Class

If I knew Then )
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2011-07-06 08:19 pm
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Writer's Block: Peace of mind

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A shot of Vodka whenever I feel stressed.
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2011-03-12 09:44 pm

My Monster Mania Convention experience or OMFG I MET ALLAN HYDE!!!


So, I went to the Monster Mania horror convention in NJ today. It was pretty cool. Good sized dealers room, but still doesn't compare to Otakon. But whateves. Anyhow, I really only went there cause I wanted to meet Allan Hyde. And since I really don't have anything I wanted him to sign, I headed to the dealers room first to find some neat cheap little thing for him to sign. And I found this:


It's a neat little badge that's conviently white on the back and it only cost five bucks. Score! Also at that same table the guy had the T-virus, so of course i had to buy that too. It's really metal and glass and looks spot on. So very nice. I wandered around a bit more, and then thought "Ok. I have to go find out where Allan is."

And promptly my heart starts racing. But I keep reminding myself, "Be cool. Don't fangirl. He's just a guy." So I find the room, and no surprise there's not exactly a long line to meet Allan Hyde. There was only one girl ahead of me and then it was my turn. O_O

The following is a word for word of our 'conversation' )

So that was my day. Some other stuff happend but it was not nearly as exciting as meeting Allan Hyde. :D

And I bought some other stuff, too: a book, a dvd, the T-virus, three posters: A True Blood, Vampire Diaries & a Transformers one, and some buttons.
Other stuff )
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2011-03-03 09:15 am
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Writer's Block: Copy and paste

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I'd sue their ass. That's why I always keep a copy of an in progress piece. That way I have proof it's mine.
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2010-12-13 07:24 am
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Writer's Block: Time after time

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I read/have read or watched all my favorite books & movies over at the very least twice. If i enjoy it I'll continue to enjoy it time & time again. And I have no limit on how many times I can read or watch my favorite books & movies. They're just as good the 100th time, or the 1000th time as they were the very first. :D
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2010-10-22 11:34 am





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2010-09-16 06:30 pm

Writer's Block: Fall Fashion

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2010-09-11 10:51 am

Writer's Block: My Personal Concert

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Don't even have to think about it. And I don't care if it makes me seem old.

Also Donnie Wahlberg is the sexiest man in the universe. BAR NONE! Don't hate. :D You know you secretly love him.
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2010-08-10 08:04 am

Writer's Block: My Journey

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anywhere but here. >:-|
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2010-07-07 07:38 am

Writer's Block: More than words

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Well, I wouldn't say it sends shivers down my spine, but God Bless America always makes me get a bit teary.

Also, Here's A Health To The Company. I cry everytime I hear that song. It's just so....I don't know. Whatever it is I love it.
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2010-06-17 01:27 pm

Writer's Block: Family Is…

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Family is/are the people that have to put up with your BS no matter what. And you have to put up with theirs.