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So, I went to the Monster Mania horror convention in NJ today. It was pretty cool. Good sized dealers room, but still doesn't compare to Otakon. But whateves. Anyhow, I really only went there cause I wanted to meet Allan Hyde. And since I really don't have anything I wanted him to sign, I headed to the dealers room first to find some neat cheap little thing for him to sign. And I found this:


It's a neat little badge that's conviently white on the back and it only cost five bucks. Score! Also at that same table the guy had the T-virus, so of course i had to buy that too. It's really metal and glass and looks spot on. So very nice. I wandered around a bit more, and then thought "Ok. I have to go find out where Allan is."

And promptly my heart starts racing. But I keep reminding myself, "Be cool. Don't fangirl. He's just a guy." So I find the room, and no surprise there's not exactly a long line to meet Allan Hyde. There was only one girl ahead of me and then it was my turn. O_O

Allan: Hi, I'm Allan.
Me: *silent squeeeee/OMG he's even cuter in person!!* "Hi, I'm Gabriella." (smiling like a fool)
Allan: "Nice to meet you"
Me: "It's very nice to meet you too!"
Allan: *grinning* "I like your special hat."
Me: *still smiling like a fool* "Thanks."

We shake hands. (I kinda don't want to wash my hand in case you're wondering.)

Me: *holding out the badge* "I have this."
Allan: "Oh. Do you want me to sign the front or the back?"
Me: *still smiling like a fool* "Oh whatever works for you."
Allan: *to himself* "I'll sign the back" *to me* "What was your name again?"
Me: "Gabriella." (I am not insulted by this cause my name has a different than normal pronounciation. The LL is said like a Y)
Allan: *smiling* "You're going to have to spell that for me."
Me: *still smiling like a fool* "G-A-B-R-I-E-L-L-A."
Allan: "Oh Gabrielle."
Me: "Sure." (I'd agree to anything at this point.)

There was some chick at the table taking the money for the autographs, so I pay her while Allan signs the badge. He also blew on it in the most inexplicably adorable fashion to dry the marker before he hands it back.

Allan: "Here you go."
Me: *still smiling like a fool* "Thank you so much!"
Chick: "Do you want a picture"
Me: "Oh yeah."

I show her how to work my camera while Allan gets up from the table and comes up next to me. He's barely my height! He puts his arm around me I put my arm around him and the chick takes the picture.

Chick: *handing back my camera* "Oh that's cute"
Me: *partly to her mostly to Allan* "Thank you so much!"
Allan: "Thank you."

I walk away trying desperately to contain my fangirlish leaps of joy and excitement until I'm out of sight.


Here's the picture of me & Allan:(see my "special hat" XD)

And the Autograph:

So that was my day. Some other stuff happend but it was not nearly as exciting as meeting Allan Hyde. :D

And I bought some other stuff, too: a book, a dvd, the T-virus, three posters: A True Blood, Vampire Diaries & a Transformers one, and some buttons.

The T-virus:

Some Buttons:

Neat Masks:

A cool olde-timey batmobile:
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